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Cold drinks and snack foods in a single full size dual- Zone Seaga combo machine. Excellent features like built-in temperature sensors, vend detection guaranteed delivery system, and health and safety features make the full-size combo a great addition to any location or route. Energy efficient insulation and energy saving setup options are standard, along with dual coils. Vends a majority of bottles and cans of various shapes and sizes from 8.3 oz cans to 20 oz bottles. It accepts coins or bills standard, as well as optional credit/debit mobile payment system available. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a powder coat paint finish for years of beauty.


Manufactucter Part Number: INF5C

Seaga - INF5C - Infinity 5-wide Refrigerated Snack / Drink Combo

SKU: VP01-021003
  • •Simple to set up, operate and maintain
    •Accommodates best-selling brand name products
    •5 shelves, 20 snack selections, 16 beverage selections
    •Will hold 96 total beverages and 275 snacks
    •FIFO product delivery maintains freshness
    •Vend detection system for guaranteed product delivery
    •High impact easy to use keypad interface
    •Adjustable individual selection pricing for easy price changes
    •Snack shelves pull out and tilt for fast filling with less effort, and beverage trays roll out for easy loading and product support
    •2-line programmable display attracts and communicates with customers
    •Settings are explained in plain text through the display, making them easy to navigate and program
    •Optional 7” Media Screen also available allowing you to upload media content, advertising, etc. via USB stick.
    •Automatic daylight savings time change
    •English, Spanish, and French languages preloaded
    •Heavy duty steel cabinet with metal shelves lasts through years of service
    •Quick change spiral selections allow you to change your product selection with ease
    •Rugged powder-coated paint finish
    •8-point star-drive spiral motors provide precise vending
    •Dual spirals standard in snack selections
    •Anti-theft delivery bin
    •For indoor use only
  • Note: Not for outdoor use. Outdoor restriction includes areas inside that are excessively dirty, have temperatures over 90 degrees F and/or 80% humidity or temperatures under 40 degrees F. Installations determined to be classified as Outdoor voids manufacture warranty.

    Includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defect. Includes keys, price and location decals as well as Operator's Manual.

    See manufacturer's web site for operator's manuals and brochures,

    Set for US currency; other countries available (excludes CM1250 changer)

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