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Shaun Thomas, Owner of VendPart®



The vending industry provides a lot of opportunities for a successful career and I'm happy to say it's a profitable one, too. I'm sure I can help you do the same for your journey on a self-employment career.

Over 5 years in the Vending Industry with a major manufacturer led me to fulfill my dreams of starting my own vending business. I had the knowledge, the fortitude and the ability to recognize weak spots in the industry and get started.

One of the most critical areas in my past career was finding parts. If your vending machines aren't functioning, they certainly aren't selling anything. Through in-depth research, we realized vending parts is a nationwide issue.


  • Provide critical parts to all operators and owners

  • Provide new machines for startups and new locations

  • Provide refurbished parts/machines for customer savings

  • Brands of machines and parts we can help with include Nayax, Seaga, Naturals2Go, Conlux, Camlock and more.

However, simply offering quality products did not make VendPart successful. We offer advice, training and machine support services for an ever-growing number of operators, brands and models. 

I'm excited to learn more about you and your business. Please feel free to reach out at any time.

Let's talk.


Shaun Thomas, Owner
cell: +1 (423) 680-6337

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