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Welcome to the new line of Portable Battery Bank (PBB) Kiosks that rent cell-phone charging batteries to the public. When you own these kiosks, you can service locations such as airports, hospitals, universities, bars, restaurants, tire shops, or any other location with battery eating, cell phone-captive audiences.


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Many of us have found out by now that food & drink vending machines aren’t as passive as we were led to believe. Vending requires regular visits for restocking, constant trips to the store for products, and customers complaining about mis vends. Vending is just much more time-consuming, right?

However, these lightweight portable battery banks are your ticket to a golden opportunity and passive income. No matter if you're looking to furnish a small bar and grill or a large college, we've got the kiosk for you.

Call VendPart for any questions you may have regarding the product: (423) 680-6337


Current "convenient" charging stations are stationary and require your phone to be tethered while you sit waiting for it to be charged. There's a few locker systems are on the market, however you must leave your phone and cannot use it while locked up and charging.


The FBI reports that some of these stations and systems are "juice jacking," pulling data and information off your phone without your knowledge. They, too, recommend using a portable battery bank.

How it Works

With this new product, you can rent a Portable Battery Bank (PBB) from one kiosk and return to another kiosk conveniently located in the Escargot network at or near your destination.

As an operator, one of the benefits of having your kiosks on the Escargot network is replacement PBB's are always free as they get shared across the entire US network.

I need a charge, please!
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Enjoy a 3-Year Warranty
+ Replacement Discount

Escargot offers an industry leading 3 year warranty on all new kiosks.  After 3 years, they will honor a 50% discount for replacement of failed unit.  Excludes shipping costs.

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