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The Vending Machine Blog - 07.24.21

Seaga Vending Machine Coil Rack
It's more than just coils and motors. It's about being a better vending machine business.

Starting a Vending Machine Business with a friend.

When Shaun and I decided to get into the vending machine business, it was because we knew we could provide better service, more affordable vending machines, easier access to parts, and the patience and empathy to help vending operators be successful.

He kept getting calls from folks who had trouble with their machines. It was always the same story. "I tried to call (a company he worked with previously) and they won't answer, sometimes it'll take days to get callbacks, and weeks to get parts, if I get them at all."

We thought that was a problem we could help fix. is the realization of the need for better access to parts and advice for vending operators currently using Seaga vending machines, N2G4000, N2G5000 series vending machines, manufactured by Seaga.

And here we are. We're proud to be in service to you all.

Need something we don't have on our website? Give us a shout, we're great at locating hard-to-find things. Have questions or just want someone to talk to? You can chat with me all day by opening the chat box on the website, or through our social media links below.

Twitter: @ChrisVendPart

Instagram: @vendpart


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