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The Vending Business' long-time dedication to automation.

I joke a lot about how robots are taking over, but it is only half a joke. The reality is that traditional, good-paying jobs are being replaced by automation at a rapid rate and workers are starting to wake up and realize that the companies they are working for are trying to replace them with AI, technology, and robotic automation.

Don't Panic. It doesn't mean there won't be jobs.

What it does mean is that jobs are going to look very different, very fast. Where there is change, there is also abundant opportunity. Vending Machines, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and widespread automation are creating a new digital economy that will be reliant on automated retail, delivery services, and a bunch of new ideas that we might not have even thought of yet.

I chose to get into the vending machine business because I have a vision for where I'd like to see vending in 10 years. I'd like to see small owner-operators with fleets of unattended retail, drink machines, and whatever else we think will make people's lives better and easier in the future in the hands of normal people, just like you and me.

The word 'automation' doesn't need to be scary. We use automated machinery every single day, sometimes without really knowing about it. Your mobile phone, computer, HVAC, and even large-scale electrical grids all provide life-improving automation that we would have a lot of trouble living without.

Vending Machines provide a similar service. With many retail and foodservice companies struggling to find employees, they may end up looking to buy a vending machine to fill the gap that a person used to fill.

You're already seeing this at places like Little Caesar's Pizza, Panera Bread, and Amazon, where machines with QR code scanners or NFC technology make access to their products more convenient, faster, with a lower error rate, all while costing less money to produce.

How can I afford to buy a vending machine?

The vending business is already one of the most affordable businesses to get into. The cost of entry can be as low as a few thousand dollars and the return on that investment can happen in the first year.

That's a big deal, especially when you consider that most businesses don't generally see profitability until their third or fourth year of operation. In fact, some of our customers are successful enough to buy many of their machines on credit and pay them off within the first three months.

So what do I need to know about starting a vending business? Check out my blog on that topic here: How to Start a Vending Machine Business.

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